The biggest advantage of merchant cash funding is its flexibility - it's a variable payback based on your daily revenue; it is not a fixed payback amount.

With a bank loan, you have a fixed amount that you pay each and every month – no matter if your business is striving or struggling. So if business slows, your ability to make that fixed payment could be compromised.

The beauty of merchant cash funding is in its flexibility. Business owners live and operate within their cash flow. A merchant cash funding from Velocity Cash Advance Corp. is specifically designed to meet your business’ daily cash flow needs. So if business slows, the amount you pay back will lessen…allowing you to continue to operate your business within the incoming revenue stream. Conversely, if your business thrives, you will pay back faster.

Velocity Cash Advance Corp. truly believes that the more variable costs a business owner has, the better off your business will be.