Merchant Account Cash Advance

Looking for a Cash Advance?

Have you been to your bank looking for a loan for your business? If you have, you most likely have been turned down as less than 10% of business loan applications are approved at commercial banks. If you were approved, you were probably asked to put up your personal home as collateral and sign a personal guarantee.

Get a business cash advance against your future credit card sales instead.

We can provide your business with a cash advance against your merchant account for up to $250,000.00 or more. This is a great alternative to a small business loan. Funding is based on prior Visa & Master Card receipts and paid back as a percentage of future credit card sales. Velocity Cahs Advance Corp. is one of the largest providers of merchant account financing in the industry today. Funding is typically available in 7 days or less.

The qualifications are very simple. Complete our one-page application with one of our experienced representatives, fax or email us your last four months merchant statements and we will have three funding offers to you in less than 48 hours.

Please keep in mind your past credit history WILL NOT be held against you.